Moral Relativism

  • FREE: Cheated By Slogans

    FREE: Cheated By Slogans

    Slogans are striking statements that say much in very few words. Usually the choice of words, the way they rhyme with one another, and many other things make them so attractive and captivating that they immediately impress upon the minds […]

  • FREE Ebook: Preserving Your Purity

    FREE Ebook: Preserving Your Purity

    Right from the time of the first couple, man has clearly understood that marriage is a very special relationship strictly between two people, not to be shared with a crowd. People abandon this belief in the uniqueness and believes of […]

  • If You Do Not Challegnge Evil: FREE Ebook!

    If You Do Not Challegnge Evil: FREE Ebook!

    When the number of people who embrace Moral Relation crosses a threshold, such a dangerous thinking begins to dominate the society and good people are now seen as bad. Separatists are seen as evil people who create unnecessary divisions in […]

  • Not Everyone Is Doing It — FREE Ebook

    Not Everyone Is Doing It — FREE Ebook

    Boundaries play an important role in society. Roadside fences are a good example. Wild animals are prone to stray on to highways in many places around the world. Kangaroos stray in Australia, and camels in many Arabian Gulf countries. Fences […]

  • Protocols: FREE Christian Ebook!

    Protocols: FREE Christian Ebook!

    A protocol is a formal or informal set of agreed upon steps about what is to be done and how is to be done in a given situation. They serve several functions. In medicine they establish standard procedures in the […]


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