• Free eMagazine, Issue 04

    Free eMagazine, Issue 04

    The July 2011 issue of the highly popular Malayalam eMagazine Verpadu is available now. It features some very important articles such as Transparency, Scripture, False Cults. It also features an article from Late EP Varghese, the Spurgeon of Kerala. Please […]

  • Brethren History Journal 001 (Free eMagazine)

    Brethren History Journal 001 (Free eMagazine)

    The Brethren Movement (also known as the Brethren Assemblies and Verpadu Sabha) is an unusual group of Christians. Even while the majority of churches have compromised with the world, the Brethren continue to have a strong stream of the remnant. […]

  • Free Brethren Journal, Issue 16

    Free Brethren Journal, Issue 16

    Most Christians are disturbed by the multiplicity of denominations in the world, and rightly so. The Christian faith is a faith of love and all kind of disunity is to be discouraged. However, the solutions proposed are often more dangerous […]

  • Brethren Theological Journal, FREE, Issue 15

    Brethren Theological Journal, FREE, Issue 15

    Most Christians know that something is wrong in the present generation, but they are unable to pinpoint the exact problem. The reason is not difficult to discern. Social changes have taken place in such a subtle manner in the last […]

  • Brethren Journal 14, Free

    Brethren Journal 14, Free

    Most BTJ readers are short of time in the twenty-first century, and they cannot be faulted for that. Such is the life today. Yet all of them can easily spare five minutes a day for spreading Brethren Theological Journal and […]

  • Verpadu 1 (Malayalam) Free E_Magazine

    Verpadu 1 (Malayalam) Free E_Magazine

    (A Seminary In Every Home) Verpadu (Separation) is a Malayalam language magazine devoted to the unique spiritual stand represented by the Brethren Assemblies. Most readers find that the Brethren are highly Biblical in their presentation, and love reading articles and […]

  • Brethren Journal, 13 [Free Download]

    Brethren Journal, 13 [Free Download]

    [A Bible Seminary In Every Home] Brethren Theological Journal Is Devoted To Propagating Right Doctrine, Holy Life, And Total Surrender In The Christian Life We live in free countries. Anyone can have any number of Bibles, and nobody questions us. […]

  • BT Journal, Issue 12 (Free)

    BT Journal, Issue 12 (Free)

    I am continually amazed at the way people speak of Truth versus Life as though they can be separated from each other. It is also amazing how the repetitive harping of “life not doctrine” has blinded people to the fact […]

  • Brethren Theological Journal, 11, Free Download

    Brethren Theological Journal, 11, Free Download

    We consider it a great privilege to offer you eleventh issue of Biblical Truths. Many of you have been asking me and Dr. Cherian for the next issue it and, thank God, now it is in your hands. We expect […]

  • FREE Brethren Theological Journal, Issue 10

    FREE Brethren Theological Journal, Issue 10

    The Brethren Theological Journal will now be appearing in the most convenient PDF format at the request of its readers. The tent issue is now available, and you can download it eiteher by clicking the picture or by clicking the […]


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