• FREE Verpadu: Women’s Liberation Issue

    FREE Verpadu: Women’s Liberation Issue

    Within just one year of its launch, Verpad has become the most popular assembly magazine. 4500 printed copies and 10,000 download copies of this current issue will reach the hands of people. The professionally designed high-quality magazine is based upon […]

  • FREE: Verpad 10

    FREE: Verpad 10

    Verpad has become a legendary magazine since its inception. More than 10,000 copies are downloaded in PDF format and more than 3000 copies are mailed by us every month. The numbers are increasing by the day. The 10th issue is […]

  • FREE Verpadu (Malayalam) Issue 009

    FREE Verpadu (Malayalam) Issue 009

    Within nine months of its start, Verpadu has become a most loved magazine in Malayalam with more than 3000 printed copies and more than 10,000 downloaded copies getting into the hands of people. The numbers keep increasing every day. The […]

  • Verpadu 008: Download FREE!!

    Verpadu 008: Download FREE!!

    The eighth issue Verpadu (Malayalam language) is available now for free download. It is a 10MB files, so do allow some time for the download. Click on the picture or on the link below this article for the download to […]

  • FREE: Verpadu (Malayalam) 007

    FREE: Verpadu (Malayalam) 007

    Verpadu (Separation) has become the most widely circulated magazine now among Kerala Brethren with more than 10,000 electronic copies and 3000 printed copies distributed each issue. The current issue continues to offer the same high-quality spiritual material for which Verpadu […]

  • Verpadu 006, Free Download

    Verpadu 006, Free Download

    Verpadu (The Brethren in Malayalam) is one of the most popular eMagazines today with close to 30,000 subscribers who get copies directly. Another 10,000 people download it directly as soon as it is released. The subscriber base has been increasing […]

  • Verpadu, the Latest Free Issue, Malayalam

    Verpadu, the Latest Free Issue, Malayalam

    Here is the latest issue of Verpadu (The Brethren) in Malayalam language. The publication has already become the hot favourite of Malayalam-speaking people worldwide, and you should not miss your copy. Download it TODAY itself by clicking the following link: […]

  • Free eMagazine, Issue 04

    Free eMagazine, Issue 04

    The July 2011 issue of the highly popular Malayalam eMagazine Verpadu is available now. It features some very important articles such as Transparency, Scripture, False Cults. It also features an article from Late EP Varghese, the Spurgeon of Kerala. Please […]

  • The Brethren (Malayalam Ebook, FREE)

    The Brethren (Malayalam Ebook, FREE)

    The Brethren are a small church group which has impacted the world a thousand times more than their relatively small numbers. If you are a Brethren, you must read this ebook. If you are not, then also you must read […]

  • Verpadu 3 (Free Malayalam eMagazine)

    Verpadu 3 (Free Malayalam eMagazine)

    (A Seminary In Every Home Through Free Ebooks) Verpadu (Separation) is a Malayalam language magazine devoted to the unique spiritual stand represented by the Brethren Assemblies. Most readers find that the Brethren are highly Biblical in their presentation, and love […]


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