• FREE: Dangers of Human Genetic Manipulations

    FREE: Dangers of Human Genetic Manipulations

    Everyone has heard about genes and practically everyone also knows that genes control our health and many other things related to our body. However, the subject of genes is much more vast than that, and by now genetic sciences have […]

  • FREE: Cheated By Slogans

    FREE: Cheated By Slogans

    Slogans are striking statements that say much in very few words. Usually the choice of words, the way they rhyme with one another, and many other things make them so attractive and captivating that they immediately impress upon the minds […]

  • FREE: Biography Annaamma Thomas

    FREE: Biography Annaamma Thomas

      When Mrs. Annaamma Thomas was born in 1902 in one of the typical Syrian Christian families close to Kumbanad, Kerala, nobody could have imagined the wonderful plans Lord had for her. It will take only 4 minutes to download […]

  • FREE Ebook: Preserving Your Purity

    FREE Ebook: Preserving Your Purity

    Right from the time of the first couple, man has clearly understood that marriage is a very special relationship strictly between two people, not to be shared with a crowd. People abandon this belief in the uniqueness and believes of […]

  • FREE: Verpad April 2015

    FREE: Verpad April 2015

    Next issue of the highly popular and widely distributed Verpad (Separation) magazine is now available for totally FREE download. It takes less than 5 minutes for a download, but it can make a difference of a lifetime in its instructions. […]

  • FREE: Do Not Play With Evil

    FREE: Do Not Play With Evil

    Evil is the most destructive force in the world. It is also the most seductive. As a result, most people see only the beauty of evil and it eventually traps them to lead them into its hypnotic clutches. God’s children, […]

  • FREE: Fundamental Doctrines 01

    FREE: Fundamental Doctrines 01

      **** How well do you know the fundamentals?**** Do you realize it is not difficult to study them?**** Here is compact and easy-read Book! Read this book TODAY to understand two vital doctrines! GRAB your copy NOW itself. Remember, […]

  • FREE: Hoaxes of Evolution

    FREE: Hoaxes of Evolution

    Evolution of life is a very old idea, dating at least as far back as the Greek philosophers. However, in modern times it was given a great impetus by Charles Darwin and his theories of origin. So much so that […]

  • FREE: God’s Plan For Marriage

    FREE: God’s Plan For Marriage

    Marriage and family are Divine Institutions established by God Himself at the beginning of creation. This means that He has a specific purpose and plan for this institution and that is exactly what the Scripture says about Marriage. Download the […]

  • FREE: Thermodynamics And Evolution

    FREE: Thermodynamics And Evolution

    Every Christian and Christian apologist should develop a basic understanding of the implications of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and this book is an attempt at a simplified presentation of this topic. This law is seen operating everywhere in the […]


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